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  • « When I was checking out tizit my husband complained at me for getting into what he said was a "yet another useless site that will just send you masses of junk email" but since he has seen what tizit can do, not only has he signed up for his own account now but he even uses it for work! His idea that it was just another social media site couldn't have been further from the truth! There's so much more to tizit and its nice to be proved right! »
    Debbie J
  • « tizit helped me make a homepage and put all my stuff in one place so it's now so easy to find everything and turned out to be a real time-saver, I love it!!!! »
    Sandy Warwick
  • « I had to have my Windows re-installed due to a virus attack - what a nightmare that was! When I re-opened my browser in my fresh Windows installation all my browser bookmarks were gone I couldn't remember half of my bookmarked favorites. After a quick search on Google I found that rather than having to keep backing up my bookmarks bar tizit, took out a free account and quickly realized I don't have to suffer that nightmare ever again. I can login anywhere and know that everywhere I go - my start page will follow and be exactly how I left it! »
    Jim Angel
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    File Storage

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  • Making Friends

    If you know the email address of a friend you can invite... Read More

  • Tizit's Different Social Network

    Tizit was designed with you in mind and we know from... Read More

  • Features of Tizit

    With group chats and convenient ways to share... Read More

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  • What is Tizit? — What is Tizit? Tizit .com is a website dedicated to Your needs. At Tizit We understand the frustration in the enormity the world wide web has become. To begin we have combined all your favorite...
    Monday 7, 2011