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Features of Tizit

With group chats and convenient ways to share information with others, matched by a private area where you keep your own links and password protected files, Tizit is a great solution for anyone to make life easier at work or at play! You can log in from a Cellphone or Ipad, in an internet café or at your office or home and everywhere you go, no matter what happened to your own laptop or windows installation and you can still get in touch with all your friends and access your vital information!

• Log in from anywhere in the world anytime...exactly the way you left it!

• Store files on our server so you can access them from anywhere!

• Maximize your time online with an organized home page of all your favorite places!

• Find great new places to visit and keep their location so you can come back to them!

• Never again worry about losing your bookmarks!

• Gain more screen area from your browser - you don’t need bookmark or search toolbars anymore!

We don't have any advertising or intrusive popups that ask you for “friendship” or “likes” or to visit pages you don't have time for. Tizit is your start page and not a platform for others to use for their gain – it is purely for your benefit so you can make more of your online activities through Tizit’s unique interface.