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File Storage and File Sharing

File Storage

One of the benefits of Tizit is that we store your uploaded files on our own secure servers which are always available so that you can access them any time you want from wherever you are in the world! Never again be stranded without your address book or lose an opportunity because you could not let someone see your resume or portfolio!

All your important documents can be kept in your Tizit storage area so when you do go on vacation or visit a friend everything you need is just a quick login away. You can attach your saved images to our convenient email messenger and send them to whoever you like. We know that life is best shared so we are providing you with the tools to maximize your enjoyment while eliminating some inconveniences that often present themselves.

Tizit is more than file storage and sharing – Tizit puts the latest networking and information sharing technology into your hands in ways that you can use it and join a growing network whose users are already benefiting from their free Tizit account!

File Sharing

Not only can you find new and great social networks and meet new people, you can also share files with them through Tizit. In the file sharing page that can be integrated into your main profile page, you can simply select file from your hard disk or memory stick then create or select a folder to put them in and just press go to start your upload. File-sharing like all our other services in Tizit is completely free and really easy to use!

Password Protect Your Files for Added Security

Once you have uploaded your file from your computer to the Tizit server, it will be stored in a personalized secure folder where Files can also be password protected for added security and privacy.

Tizit has brought some ground-breaking features to all its users with some fantastic opportunities for you to get together with your friends, family and associates, and share pictures, videos or whatever you want with whomever you like!

Making Friends

If you know the email address of a friend you can invite them in just a moment or two by clicking on the “Find Friends button” on your Tizit home page and entering an email address into the form. An email will then be sent to your invited friend and they will be able to get a free personal Tizit Homepage just like yours! Then you can really get together in the Tizit chat or just share favorite pictures you took on your cellphone recently. Tizit can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection so it is perfect for those on the go!

You have 4 separate places to categorize friends unlike other social media sites, we allow you to keep your family life separate from your social life however you see fit. Your friends will only be able to see the posts for their category, so a family member can only see your family posts and a friend can only see your friends posts etc…

Tizit's Different Social Network

Tizit was designed with you in mind and we know from experience how important it can be to separate your social activities from your business and or your family life. Those who know you in one environment may not be familiar with how you interact with others, so we have given our users 4 separate walls to post on and share with from a central comments box, Also comments can be easily removed if you accidentally post to the wrong wall.

Your Friends wall is intended for your immediate circle of friends who you want to keep in touch with separately from your family and co-workers.

Your Family wall allows you to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest, catch up with family news and let everyone know when you have plans that involve them. You can use your family wall on tizit to organize an occasion such as a wedding or perhaps a birthday party - making sure everyone involved knows the itinerary, events run more smoothly and no-one gets left behind!

Your Co-Workers Wall keeping business strictly business is easy to achieve when you can choose what information you share with people. You can have a group of co-workers and keep in touch with them on your co-worker’s wall.

Your Acquaintances Wall might include those you want to keep in touch with in a more general way – these are people who don't need to know your personal stuff.

We leave it up to you to decide which of your friends list can see which wall.

Features of Tizit

With group chats and convenient ways to share information with others, matched by a private area where you keep your own links and password protected files, Tizit is a great solution for anyone to make life easier at work or at play! You can log in from a Cellphone or Ipad, in an internet café or at your office or home and everywhere you go, no matter what happened to your own laptop or windows installation and you can still get in touch with all your friends and access your vital information!

• Log in from anywhere in the world anytime...exactly the way you left it!

• Store files on our server so you can access them from anywhere!

• Maximize your time online with an organized home page of all your favorite places!

• Find great new places to visit and keep their location so you can come back to them!

• Never again worry about losing your bookmarks!

• Gain more screen area from your browser - you don’t need bookmark or search toolbars anymore!

We don't have any advertising or intrusive popups that ask you for “friendship” or “likes” or to visit pages you don't have time for. Tizit is your start page and not a platform for others to use for their gain – it is purely for your benefit so you can make more of your online activities through Tizit’s unique interface.