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Tizit FAQ

Q. Does it cost anything to join Tizit?

A. No Tizit is free to all who want to join us. Tizit does not charge its users any fees whatsoever or expect them to engage in any form of financial commitment into the future.

Q. What does Tizit do that Facebook or MySpace cannot do?

A. Tizit provides numerous services that Facebook and MySpace cannot provide. Tizit is customizable to allow you to have the desktop and home page that you want. You are not constrained to what we want you to have on your personal start page like the other networks.

Q. So what exactly is tizit then?

A. Tizit is the answer to your bookmark nightmares, your recovery from re-installation woes and is portable without you having to carry a memory chip or your own computer around. You can sit down anywhere there is a browser online, login and your home page will be exactly how you left it.

Q. What can I have on my start page?

A. That’s entirely up to you! We have grouped together popular items into categories so that you access similar places from the same handy location. Unlike the chaos that ensues when you lose your bookmarks and shortcuts from a Windows Restore operation or an operating system re-installation, tizit protects all the files you upload to our secure servers and keeps your personal start page intact wherever you go and whatever device you are using to access the internet.

Q. What browsers can I use to access Tizit?

A. Tizit works with all the major browsers including Internet explorer, Safari, Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. We Recommend using the lastest version of either browser.

Q. Can I use a cellphone to access my Tizit homepage?

A. Tizit has been designed to be easy to navigate and as long as your cellphone has internet capabilities, you should be able to browse and use tizit from anywhere you get a cellphone signal!

Q. Can I customize my Tizit home page?

A. We encourage you to build the most convenient home page/start page that will improve your online ergonomics and along the way, provide you with a reliable central location where you will always be able to find what you want no matter where you are,when you log in,or what device you are using.

Q. Is there a limit to how many links I can have on my Tizit profile?

A. In theory no, but we do suggest that our users build their pages as they use them rather than just cramming everything in at once creating clutter. An organic approach is the best way to go, adding links and content as you go along, removing unused links or categories as you wish. This is in keeping with our policy of allowing our users to decide what they want on their home page and not determining it for them.

Q. What types of links can I have on my Tizit personal home page?

A. You can link to anything you want. For example if you have a list of entertainment sites, you just go to your entertainment category and add the links to the entertainment sites you want to list on your start page entertainment category. If your entertainment site is not already in our list (and we have plenty to choose from if you want to find new ones!) you can easily add your own by just copying the URL of the site you want to link to into the box provided and your link will be added. There is an option to advise Tizit of the link so it can be added to our list.

Q. Can I store the links to my favorite search engines too on my home page?

A. Yes there is a category for Search engines so you no longer have to jump from one bookmark to another, just open up your Search engines category and they are all there ready for you.

Q. How many different categories are there?

A. There are 15 standard categories, however You can create as many custom categories as you wish.

Q. When I login to my account will everything be where I left it?

A. Yes – definitely – one of the major features of Tizit is that it is your own personalized home page – whatever you add to it will be there when you come back.

Q. Can I get streamed data such as RSS feeds?

A. Yes – we have created a specific category for you to add to your start page to keep all your RSS feed information and links in one place.

Q. How do I add pictures to my page?

A. This is really easy to do, to upload pictures you click on my photos, choose or create your album and select pictures from your computer.

Q. Can I change the icons in my category shortcuts/links?

A. Yes – you can upload an image of your choice so you will be instantly able to recognize your links. You can choose from any image on your hard disk as long as it is in the correct format.

Q. What format can I use to upload my icon images?

A. .jpg or .png format usually works best for icons.

Q. What is the range of sizes I can use for an Icon Image?

A. Within reason it doesn’t matter – tizit will re-size, optimize and put it in place for you automatically. Usually 400x400 pixels and lower works best.