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About Us

We are a forward thinking group of web designers and programmers dedicated to bringing new and exciting Web 2.0 software to anyone who needs it. tizit is the latest in start page design offering our users a fantastic range of features such as file sharing, handy Categories that keep your favorite internet places together – the ability to add as many links as you want means you can create your own personal web space. We even made it possible for you to have your own completely free blog!

We don’t believe in abusing your email by flooding your inbox with suggestions and marketing. We just want you to be able to enjoy our services without such intrusion.

Tizit is here to make your life easier, make your internet more useful and above all provide you with the opportunity to avoid the frustrations of losing bookmarks and be able to access your home page from anywhere you choose.

Choose for yourself how your tizit home page will work for you – we supply the tools... you supply the imagination.